Printing Applications


Screen Printing

Standard halftones 65 or 85 line screens.

Standard 4CP 85 line with capability of up to 100 line screens.

Manually fed and sheet fed cylinder presses for competitive pricing at all quantities.

Excellent option for non-CMYK requirements in one or two color configurations.

Suitable on any gauge (.016 - .125).

Ink colors can be matched closely on any substrate color including natural and clear.

Type of Artwork required: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .indd, or .qxd.

See our screen printing guidelines in detail here.

Emailed PDF proof is supplied with every order (other proofs available at additional cost).

Contact us for sheet/image size possibilities.

Digital Printing

Resolution up to 720 X 1440 dpi.

Maximum press sheet : 48" X 96".

Suitable on any gauge (.016 - .125).

Any substrate color including natural & clear.

Excellent quality 4CP reproduction in smaller quantities.

Type of Artwork required: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .indd, or .qxd.

Proof: Flat printed proof sheet is supplied with every order.


Offset Printing

Typically 133 to 150 line screen.

Maximum press sheet 28" x 40".

Maximum poly thickness .035 gauge.

Best 4CP print quality available.

Well suited for any photo-quality reproduction.

Most cost effective in large quantities.

All offset printed products have a final clear UV varnish to improve ink abrasiveness.

Type of Artwork required: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .indd, or .qxd.

See our offset printing guidelines in detail here.

Proof - Printed film proof laminated to flat poly sheet is supplied with every order.